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Green Neighbors is Japan's first Foodscaping operator providing sustainable and interactive green spaces.

How would our relationship with food and nature change when we can harvest what we eat?
How would people and communities transform when greenery is brought closer to their doorstep?


Green Neighbors helps tackle modern urban challenges through reimagining urban green spaces. 

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Farmer Holding Corn

Building the Future with Foodscaping

We design and build Foodscapes incorporating delicious edible plants.

Not only are Foodscapes aesthetically pleasing, they are also transformative spaces that nourishes your body and mind.

Green Neighbors is on a mission to build sustainable urban futures through helping people connect with nature, food and their community.  

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 About Founder
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Robyn Natsuko Shinozaki 

Chief Neighbor Officer

Born in Singapore, raised in Beppu, Oita.
Joined Facebook APAC in 2018, where her career was centered mainly around employee engagement and the future of work. Outside of her corporate job, embarked on various social impact initiatives around sustainability and wellbeing. Drawing inspiration from the landscaping/urban farming movement in Singapore, established Green Neighbors in Tokyo in 2022, with the aim to introduce more interactive green spaces and practices into the city.




We design green spaces that stimulates the five senses, utilizing various colors, flavors and fragrances. Each natural element has a unique story to be told


We help foster community,

building engagement that improves the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals


We contribute to increasing greenery and Green Infrastructure in urban areas. Helping combat the urban heat island effect, manage storm water runoff and preserve biodiversity. ​  

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Kazuki Ito

Landscape Designer

Specializes in designing and constructing high value green spaces. Awards includes the Good Design Award, the Green Infrastructure Award and award by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure.


Thought leader and practitioner in urban farming. Involved in   sustainable food production for over ten years, including managerial positions in Edible Garden City. Featured in Channel News Asia's docu series Growing Wild, and author of "The Freestyle Farmer" published in 2022.


​Naomi Shimpo


Lecturer at the Graduate School of Green Environment and Landscape Management, University of Hyogo, and Landscape Horticulture Specialist at Awaji Landscape Horticulture School. PhD from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, specializing in natural environment studies.


Kohei Isshiki


Graduated from the Graduate School of Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus in 2017. From 2022, he was posted to the northern region of Okinawa, working at a foreign beverage manufacturer. His mission was to promote and provide guidance on coffee cultivation in Okinawa based on the concept of ​​regenerative agriculture. At GN he provides guidance and advice on coffee cultivation management within Nago Agri Park.


Design and Build
Designing and building Foodscapes for 
garden or rooftops

Workshop and events for community building and engagement 


Designing and implementing sustainability and wellbeing programs

Green Neighbors LLC
2-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
CEO Robyn Natsuko Shinozaki

Capital JPY 5,000,000

Thank you!

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